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Where am I in the Storm?


> Where am I in the storm?

Child: “Lord I cry out to you to not just rescue me but to at least allow me to see where you are taking me. I am at my breaking point. I don’t want to come to you with anxiety and worry but I just don’t have a clear vision of what is ahead. I feel so stifled, stuck, scared of the limited visibility that is ahead so I ponder and think back on the things of the past in the small rearview mirror of the past. What about the past do you want me to learn from so that I CAN be victorious in the future to come. Help me to rid my mind of negative thoughts that may change my outlook on life. Lord I know that it is You who has total authority and control and I thank you for that. I thank you for another day, a living mom and dad, a supportive family that is saved, I thank you for my childcare businesses and my bible study that you have allowed me to be apart of and lead. It’s OK for You to prune away what is not like Christ. I am just so tired. I have given it my best to do what is pleasing in Your eyes. I feel like I have failed but I know You are the one that can determine what the end is going to be. Allow me to be firmly planted in good soil so that I can be fruitful and that will allow me to bless
more of Your people.
I thank you for the power, your presence, your peace that passes all understanding.”

> Romans 8:28

We are assured and know that [God being
a partner in their labor] all things work together and are
[fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God
and are called according to [His] design and purpose. For those whom He foreknew [of whom He was aware and loved
beforehand], He also destined from the beginning [foreordaining them] to be molded
into the image of His Son [and share inwardly His likeness], that He might become
the firstborn among many brethren. (Romans 8:28, 29 AMP)
God: I will not allow you, my child, to bail before the break through. I am preparing you for the next level. Allow my word to be firmly planted in you. Do not stray form the ‘good soil’.
Your harvest will be in a land that is separate from the things and surroundings that you may be familiar with, but I have shown you that the ground that you once were on has been used for the the given season and it can no longer make you as fruitful as you were before. It is time to move on. Your storm is not a storm but rather me UProoting you from barren ground. Trust me, my child.”

God: Do not allow the enemy to distract you from what I have promised you. He is the author of deception. What looks good may not be good for you. DO not set your eyes on earthly things but keep your heart rooted in things that are for eternal good.”

> Genesis 13:12-13 MSG
> “That’s how they came to part company, uncle and nephew. Abram settled in Canaan; Lot settled in the cities of the plain and pitched his tent near Sodom. The people of Sodom were evil—flagrant sinners against God.”

Lot was a distraction for Abram. Abram was bringing along someone that God was not ready to elevate as He was doing for Abram because He knew Lot was not ready for what Abram was about to be a part of in God’s plan; which was to break free from a Godless life. It was shown that Lot was not ready to part from his life of sin because when he pitched his tent he pointed it in the direction of going towards a life of sin, which Sodom and Gomorrah represents.
Abram blessed Lot by allowing him to have what looked in the natural to be the best land to settle, but that was the weapon of deception that the enemy used against. Abram blessed Lot and so he received the eternal blessing from God:

Genesis 13:14-18 (AMP)

14 The Lord said to Abram after Lot had left him, Lift up now your eyes and look from the place where you are, northward and southward and eastward and westward;

15 For all the land which you see I will give to you and to your posterity forever.(A)

16 And I will make your descendants like the dust of the earth, so that if a man could count the dust of the earth, then could your descendants also be counted.(B)

17 Arise, walk through the land, the length of it and the breadth of it, for I will give it to you.

18 Then Abram moved his tent and came and dwelt among the oaks or terebinths of Mamre, which are at Hebron, and built there an altar to the Lord.

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