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A Day at the Beach


A Day at the Beach

It’s that time of the day
For the moon to come our way.

The sea has become calm,
As the sand runs through my fingers and palm.

I stand and wait for the waves to go back out to the sea,
Just as You, oh Lord, have given the command “Come onto me…”

This burden I have I know You said for me to give to You,
The storm of adversity is what You helped me to get through.

I cried out to You in the midst of my storm of distress,
You responded with a whisper saying, “My child, it’s only a test.”

As the waves of death surrounded me,
Like a flood Your love came in and calmed the sea.

The leviathan of doubt came aboard my boat,
It demanded to become captain and confine me… with fear as the moat.

If even the wind and sea obey You, I know that I will not perish;
How can I thank You enough? It is You I will forever cherish.

You, oh Lord, are mightier than any wave of the sea,
For you have placed a hedge of protection all around me.

I am on barren land wondering, “How can this be?”
As I feel this rolling wave of love and mercy pouring all over me.

If a day at the beach is a reflection of eternity with You,
I now have the faith to be victorious in the storms of life knowing You will help me make it through.

A Day at the Beach.
-Sharice Lloyd

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Greetings my sister and brothers in Christ! My name is Sharice Lloyd and I welcome you to experiencing Christ Life with me. I am a child of God the most high, a writer, an inspiration, a prayer warrior, a care taker, and an educator who is driven to know HIM. I currently reside in Raleigh, NC with my beloved mother and fiance`. I am originally from North Myrtle Beach, SC. I have been given the tools and the resources to share the light, walk in the light, and strive to be the light.

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